Congratulations Ruiwen He!

Ruiwen He defended his thesis on 24 November 2022, at ISA in Lille. The purpose of his thesis was to develop intelligent tools using artificial vision for the supervision of animal welfare.

This work was financed by Junia, the Hauts-de-France Region and Gènes Diffusion / GDBiotech. Ruiwen was able to demonstrate the value of using artificial intelligence to process images from Eye Breed to detect oestrus in cattle offered for artificial insemination. This is a very good first step to go even further in terms of precision, ease of use while preserving the well-being of the animals.

Congratulations to you, Ruiwen He, for these three years, which have been rewarded with two scientific awards:

2022, the title of doctor:
A Cervix Detection Driven Deep Learning Approach for Cow Heat Analysis from Endoscopic Images.

He R, Benhabiles H, Windal F, Even G, Audebert C, Collard D, Taleb-Ahmed A
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (2022)

A CNN-based methodology for cow heat analysis from endoscopic images.
Ruiwen He, Halim Benhabiles, Feryal Windal, Gaël Even, Christophe Audebert, Agathe Decherf, Dominique Collard & Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed
Applied Intelligence (2022)

We ae taking the opportunity to warmly thank his two supervisors: Halim Benhabiles & Feryal Windal from Junia.